Planned Parenthood Lies to City Board That New Building to be Abortion Clinic

-By Warner Todd Huston

This story has been going on for a few days in Aurora, Illinois. It seems Planned Parenthood told a teeny, tiny white lie to the City Planning Board of Aurora about what use a new building they were constructing near a residential neighborhood would be put to. In fact, they even misled city officials as to who they even were, and those officials are none too happy about it.

The city granted a building permit to a company called Gemini Office Development LLC to build what was being called a “medical office building.” It turns out, however, that Gemini Office Development LLC is actually a shell company for Planned Parenthood and this new building was not going to be just a regular, non-descript “medical office building” but a Planned Parenthood abortion mill, instead. Curiously, Planned Parenthood neglected to tell the city of its plans until the building was complete and they were ready to open for business.

Naturally, the community is a tad upset that they were lied to.

On a radio interview this morning, an Aurora city councilman was upset that the abortion advocates would build an abortion clinic near a residential community when such clinics often bring dangerous conditions with them. After all, says the councilman, when they build these facilities they use bullet proof glass and try to make them bomb proof, so obviously they know that their facilities have the potential to bring danger to the community.

Aurora officials raced to get an injunction to stop the clinic from being opened while they investigate the fraud by which the clinic was contracted, built, licensed and zoned.

Naturally, this is shaping up to be an epic battle between the Pro-Life Action League and Planned Parenthood and most of the news coverage is focused on that aspect of the story.

But, as I point out, it seems to me a major aspect of this story is the fact that Planned Parenthood LIED to everyone in a neighborhood of which they wish to become a part.

The question remains: if an abortion clinic is so “needed” and wanted, why did they have to LIE to open one? Why the hiding behind a dummy company to get the city planning board to allow it to be built?

Worse, why is Planned Parenthood building a facility that they know will disrupt the community and might cause danger to the same people they claim to want to serve? And why chose a suburban location in a residential area when they know that their presence will disrupt the community?

Of course, we know the answer to that. They instinctively know that they aren’t wanted in the community and they have to appear by stealth to get their agenda through.

Do lies make for good neighbors? Planned Parenthood doesn’t seem to care if they do or not. The community doesn’t matter a whit to them. Only their agenda does.
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