Housing Slump ‘Forces’ Pair to Open Whorehouse?

-By Warner Todd Huston

We have seen it time and again; the MSM taking these relatively good economic times in which we live and spinning them into some sort of Depression era disaster as if things are really all bad. Well, the CBS station in New Rochelle, New York has decided that the so-called housing slump is now somehow “forcing” people to turn their homes into whorehouses! No kidding. Now, as far as this news report is concerned, economics takes away a homeowner’s sense of morality because times are supposedly so bad that prostitution is their only resort. Talk about hyperbole — this one takes the cake.

As the headline blares, Housing Market Slump Forces Couple To Open Brothel, the article goes on to suppose that a New Rochelle couple could find no other way to keep their home in these apparently tough economic times but to become whores and pimps… and literally, not figuratively at that

(CBS) NEW ROCHELLE The downturn in the housing market appears to have driven two Westchester homeowners to desperate and illegal measures.

New Rochelle Police raided a 3-bedroom home on North Avenue Friday night after undercover officers responded to a Craig’s List posting offering dominatrix services with a grand opening special. Police arrested four alleged prostitutes and the homeowners.

One of this couple’s neighbors blamed it on “business problems.”

One of the couple’s Pleasantville neighbors seemed pretty sure business problems were at the root of the shocking news. “I know they’re mortgage brokers,” Peter Passidomo said. “And I know it’s been a tough business, so I assume they might have had financial difficulty.”

Wow. So, now the media are trying to foist upon us that times are so bad that people are “forced” to abandon their morality and take up a life of criminal activity just to keep their homes, eh?

What else can you say to such a ridiculous report, such obvious sensationalism? The sad thing is, many people will read this wild hyperbole and imagine that the TV station’s salacious report has a “point” to it. They will solemnly shake their head and, instead of blaming these people for their bad moral choices, TV viewers will go away imagining that times are so bad that good people are “forced” to take such stark and unsavory measures.

It must be Bush’s fault! His economy is so bad, right?


But who can doubt that such hyperbolic stories as this will suddenly cease should a Democrat win the presidency in 2008, just like it did when Clinton walked into the White House for his first time?
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