Clinton Lied and people DID Die

-By Warner Todd Huston

How the Left Lies to themselves as well as the rest of us.

Anyone who is politically aware in this country, anyone who has taken the time to keep up on the news, can’t help but to have run across one of the left’s favorite bromides; “Bush lied, People Died.” Not quite as well known, but as an adjunct to this doggerel, the left has also indulged in a bit of backward Clinton praising with the phrase “No one died when Clinton lied.” This, however, is a lie in and of itself, and it’s a perfect example of how the left lies to themselves and everyone around them.

One word best describes how the claim that Clinton’s lies never hurt anyone is a blatant untruth. That one word is KOSOVO. As Thomas E. Woods, Jr. reveals, Kosovo is the best-kept secret of the worst most murderous failure of the Clinton Administration.

In his new book “33 Questions About American History You’re Not Supposed to Ask,” Woods reveals some of the lies and destruction that was Clinton’s decision to enter the civil war between the Serbs, Croats, and Albanians in 1999.

Clinton’s decision to enter the conflict was based on the lie that he was valiantly trying to stop the “genocide” of the Muslim population in Kosovo. There is no doubt that there was a lot of killing going on in that corner of the world at the time and that it was all a bad situation. But, genocide? Hardly.

In fact, Clinton purposefully ignored the proof against any substantiation of genocide and he allowed his Administration to wildly inflate the numbers of Albanians killed by warring Serbs to justify his ginning up of his war machine. To make matters worse, the slavishly pro-Clinton media failed to bother to investigate the Clinton Administration’s claims and merely reported Clinton’s lies as fact.

You are sure to remember that Clinton claimed in 1999 that the USA was on a humanitarian mission to stop the evil Serbs from ruthlessly killing hundreds of thousands of “innocent” Muslims. That is the story we all heard as Clinton blustered about his war plans. The number of Albanians killed that was bandied about prior to the intervention of US and NATO forces was something near 400,000 Albanians murdered by Serbian forces. Yet, it was revealed in 2006 that there were never any more than 7,000 people reported missing during the whole of the conflict. As Woods reports, “The lurid claims of war supporters typically proved unfounded.” Since the action ended, we have seen proven false nearly every “fact” the Clinton Administration used to justify this war.

One such “lurid” claim was the supposed story of the Trepca mines being jammed to the rafters with Albanian bodies hidden there to prevent detection. The mines were claimed a veritable new age “Belsen, Auschwitz, and Treblinka,” as the Brit paper Daily Mirror reported. It turns out later that there wasn’t a single body discovered once western investigators were able to make it to the area. Another tale, that there were mass graves in the town of Ljubenic, later revealed 7 bodies instead of the supposed 350 that were supposed to be there.

Of the 400,000 Albanians Clinton claimed he went to Kosovo to avenge, even The Hague now only claims that only between 4,000 and 10,000 died during the troubles there. Yes, 10,000 is horrible, but it is far from any “genocide” and not much higher than many dozens of other conflicts world wide in the past 20 years. In the final analysis, the intervention of the US was unnecessary at the very least, disastrous at worst. The case the Clinton Administration made for war was filled with lies about why he went into Kosovo.

So where are the deaths we can attribute to Clinton’s lies, then?

As we know, once Clinton announced his fraudulent campaign, he did, indeed bomb the area. This specious bombing killed over 2,000 people … and not just among the so-called enemy Serbs. People of all sides died. Worse, a humanitarian mess resulted from the bombing as hospitals, schools, and the infrastructure was destroyed. Later, in contravention to Clinton’s stated purpose, the Serbs redoubled their efforts to oust the Albanians proving that the bombing didn’t stop any “genocide” at all.

In fact, any so-called genocide was a result of Clinton’s bombs as opposed to them having stopped such a crime against humanity. Far from helping the Albanians, Clinton’s bombs made matters far worse for all parties — including the US and the west.

Now, we all know that the Serbs eventually lost their battles due to Clinton’s intervention and since then, radical Islamofascists have turned the tables on the Serbs. Far from ushering in an era of peace in Kosovo, Muslims have since killed and displaced far more Serbs and Croats than the Serbs ever hoped to kill of the Albanian population before 1999.

Also since then, the Islamofascists have discovered a place where they can raise recruits and find safe haven. So, far from helping innocent Muslims escape genocide, all Clinton did was give succor to our enemies in the various Islamofascist movements. Money for radical Madrassas has poured into the area from Saudi Arabia, spreading anti-western sentiment in there. Remember the Fort Dix Six? They were young Albanian Muslims radicalized by Clinton’s failures.

In addition, the Muslims who have now taken power in the area have chased out hundreds of thousands of Gypsies, Christians, and other “undesirables” and have even gone so far as to obliterate centuries old Christian religious sites in the country.

Also, since the bombing stopped, the UN has taken control and that has been an even worse disaster on the infrastructure of the area than anything we have seen in Iraq. Many areas in Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina still does not have reliable water, electric or roads and the economy is still completely destroyed there. More abhorrently, the UN has been caught keeping local teenaged girls as sex slaves in brothels for their UN “peacekeeping” employees.

The Clinton lies resulted in many thousands of deaths, a country laid waste, and our enemies the Islamofascists have been given an area from which to recruit and have safe harbor. And hundreds of young girls have been reduced to sexual slavery just to survive day to day. Far from stopping genocide, it looks far more like Clinton has CAUSED one.

So, now tell me that when “Clinton lied, no one died.”

At least Bush’s actions have been for a real humanitarian effort. Clinton’s murderous acts were for… what? Pure self-aggrandizement and little else.
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