Why They Won’t Assimilate

By Selwyn Duke

In the piece I recently wrote about the threat posed by immigration, both illegal and legal, I mentioned that today’s immigrants are not assimilating into our culture. And, as I pointed out, since Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act of 1965 has created a situation in which 85 percent of our immigrants hail from the Third World and Asia, this portends the destruction of the western civilization that has given us everything we hold dear, from our freedom to our prosperity.

With Moslems and Mexicans on the march from Maine to Monterey, this should be obvious. Yet, the gravity of this situation still eludes many, sedated as they are with bread and circuses. So let’s discuss assimilation.

Assimilation is not a process magically initiated upon setting foot on American terra firma. Rather, it only occurs when one or both of two conditions are met: The foreign elements must have a desire to assimilate or the host nation must place pressure on them to do so. Unfortunately, neither is the case today because both immigrants and native-born Americans are far different than they once were.

I’ve pointed out that a nation allows its stabilizing majority to disappear at its own peril (unprecedented Third World immigration has reduced America’s European-heritage population from almost 90 percent to about 66 percent in just a little more than four decades). But a critic could rightly mention that white Americans weren’t always viewed so monolithically. When our nation saw a huge influx of Irish, Italian and German immigrants, there was often great group conflict; ethnic slurs passed lips and fights were not uncommon (amazing how they negotiated this period without “hate crime” laws, huh?). Yet, there was a difference.

Immigrants: Today vs. Yesteryear

The M&M invasion (Moslems and Mexicans) is distinguished from previous immigrant waves by a feeling of entitlement. A Zogby poll found that 58 percent of Mexicans believe California and the Southwest rightly belong to them. Although this belief is bred by a tendentious view of history, it doesn’t change the end result. It has spawned groups such as Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), which advocates conquering the Southwest in the name of Mexico. More significantly, it causes many average Mexicans to have no compunction about imposing their culture and language on the country that has so generously given them succor.

Where Mexicans exhibit ethnic patriotism, Moslems manifest religious chauvinism. Far too many pious Moslems believe they have been enjoined to impose their faith on others by any means necessary; this is why they will unabashedly demand concessions, such as their own dormitories at colleges and an Arabic public school in New York City. It’s also why they have fought for the right to use sharia law to settle civil disputes in Canada.

This lies in stark contrast to the behavior of yesterday’s immigrants. Like anyone else, they certainly felt comfortable in the bosom of their own subculture; yet, they knew they were in another’s land and never viewed accommodation by their host nation as a birthright, and any ethnic patriotism harbored was often trumped by the dream of becoming American. Unfortunately, today’s immigrants’ dream is often our nightmare, one from which we could arise if only, if only, if only. . . .

Looking at the American in the Mirror

Walt Kelly wrote, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” The truth is that when assigning blame, our feet are where the majority must lie. There was a time when Americans, like most nationalities, took pride in their culture and defended it with manly fortitude. Today, though, after decades of imbuing the modern mind with the “Hey, hey, ho, ho, western culture’s gotta go!” mentality, this is no longer the case. Too many of us have imbibed the multiculturalist malt, with its evenhanded principle stating that others have a right to their cultures and we have a right to them, too. But this philosophical shift has been addressed before, so let’s discuss a nuts and bolts aspect of the problem.

Many of us understand how government actively thwarts assimilation by pandering to foreign elements. Our government will print official documents in other languages (the standard California driver’s license test is available in 32 of them) just so those without enough respect to learn our national tongue can collect our national treasure and cast votes for those who lavish it upon them. But this isn’t where governmental complicity in this problem ends.

Traditionally, Americans never relied on government to achieve most goals, and ensuring assimilation was no exception. Many years ago, for instance, if a person insisted on dressing like an advertisement for the Middle Ages, didn’t learn the language or sought to impose strange beliefs in the workplace, he would have been fired or not hired in the first place. What this means is that the Moslem clerks and cab drivers who, respectively, won’t ring up pork and won’t pick up passengers with alcohol or seeing-eye dogs would have either changed their ways or returned to where ways don’t change. This enforcement of tradition through individual initiative is what every non-western country does and makes sense. If you’re so enamored of your native ways, stay in your native land.

If you tried this today, though, you’d receive a treatment from the proctologist of government bureaucracies, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Yes, because freedom of association has been trumped by lawless judges, citizens have lost control over their businesses, rental properties and, in many cases, organizations. Privately owned and financed entities can no longer determine who receives paychecks, who will be served and who will be rented to, thus removing the social pressure to conform that the common man would naturally apply via the exercise of his values in his castle. Likewise, local school boards have been robbed of the right to set dress codes and behavior standards reflecting the surrounding community. What this means is now you can’t refuse to hire a cross-dressing Colombian from Cartagena on the basis that he is a cross-dressing Colombian from Cartagena. Ah, it sounds almost Jeffersonian . . . almost. We’ve now traded liberty for perversity.

America is being erased. The stabilizing majority that forged her unique culture is being eroded through the importation of culturally imperialistic forces by treasonous politicians. And traitors they are, and be not faint-hearted in saying so. After all, if this happened anywhere but in western nations, the lamentation over this cultural imperialism would be staggering. Just imagine if the majority population of Nigeria or Cambodia were rapidly being replaced with European one. The only question would be whether the nation they hailed from would be targeted by only stupid bureaucrats or also smart bombs.

It’s time for at least a ten-year moratorium on immigration. I know, I know, “What radicalism!” bellows the left. But since this is the set that extols the virtue of constant change, even telling us “truth” changes, it’s ironic. In the world of the leftist Utopian vision, immigration is the one constant in an ever-changing Universe.

Albert Einstein once said a definition of insanity is “. . . doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Given that we have a greatly diminished sense of national identity, Moslem terrorists blending into a multicultural mish-mash, Spanish supplanting English, and Mexican flags going up while American ones come down, should we really stay the course?

The M&M invasion sympathizers may call me names, but I’ll simply render a diagnosis: They’re insane. They have turned immigration into an institution. It’s time for it to be institutionalized.
Selwyn Duke can be contacted at SD@SelwynDuke.com.

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