Denver Post Columnist: Christians Could Be Suspect Over McVeigh’s OK City Bombing

-By Warner Todd Huston

Dick Kreck of the Denver Post seems to think there is a good “point” to a suggestion that Christians should be suspected bombers because Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh was supposedly a Christian. In a column about local radio talk show host “Gunny Bob” of KOA, Kreck comments that a radio station detractor has “got a point” when he satirically said that, since McVeigh and Nichols were Christians, all Christians should be placed under surveillance because of the actions of the two bombers. The detractor was responding to talker “Gunny Bob’s” idea that all Muslims in the USA should be forced to wear GPS tracking bracelets so the government could keep track of them all.

Apparently talker Bob is a fiery one against Muslims in this era of the war on terror and his loose talk has stirred Colorado Media Matters, a local branch of the leftist Media Matters organization, to begin targeting the Clear Channel radio host for his opinions.

The reply that Kreck is talking about was posted on the CMM website.

The reaction has been heated. One CMM blogger wrote, “Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were Christians and they plotted the Oklahoma City bombing. Does ‘Gunny Bob’ also want all Christians fitted with GPS tracking devices?”

To which, columnist Kreck says:

He’s got a point.

Um, no Mr. Kreck the leftist poster at CMM does NOT “got a point”.

Neither McVeigh nor Nichols ever claimed that their bombing was done at the behest of their religion. The Oklahoma bombers were run of the mill, anti-government types, NOT religious zealots. And, even if they had been religious zealots, they were but two of billions of Christians NONE of the rest of whom have bombed anything for their religion.

On the other hand, the only reason that most Islmofascists use to justify their hate and murder is their religion. They aren’t mad at any mere government, they want world domination for their extreme interpretation of their religion. And there have been thousands upon thousands who have perpetrated such bombings and polls show that millions upon millions of the bomber’s fellow believers agree with those violent actions.

Here is where the left refuses to even try to understand the dangerous world in which we live. Their habit of placing all religions into a state of moral equivalence prevents them from seeing the differences between them and causes them to assume that all religions and the actions taken by adherents of them are all the same.

So, to someone like Kreck, Christians are just as apt to be suicide bombers as Muslims just because they are both religious.

But, for that illogical point to hold water, a leftist would have to have contemporary evidence of thousands of Christian suicide bombers or evidence of large, official church organizations calling for a Christian version of a jihad in similar fashion as Islamist examples.

Naturally, leftists can present no such evidence making their nihilistic claims that all religion is the same a straight out lie.

This purposeful misunderstanding by the left of the dangers we face in the west makes us far more vulnerable than we would be otherwise and presents the most direct avenue to victory that radical Islamists need to beat us.

So, no Mr. Kreck. Someone who says that Christians are just as dangerous as radical Muslims does not have a good “point” at all.

By the way… want to see a photo of the Post’s newsroom where a Bush voodoo doll hangs that shows the juvenile propensities of members of the Post?

Nice, huh?

Yeah, more unbiased “news” we should expect from Joesph Goebbels.

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One thought on “Denver Post Columnist: Christians Could Be Suspect Over McVeigh’s OK City Bombing”

  1. Perhaps Mr. Kreck lives in a bubble with a very small circle of friends that does not include any Christians. That I think would be the only reason for his (and the Media Matters guy) having such biased attitudes against Christians.

    I’ve heard Hugh Hewitt interviewing lefties concerning their views on the war and quite often when he asks them if they actually KNOW anyone, that is have good friends, that are in the military most do not.

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