MSM Lies about Senator Thompson

MSM making lies about Senator Thompson already. They must REALLY be afraid of him.

IMAGE DEFLATORS (From the American Spectator)

On Saturday, a “Draft Fred Thompson” rally was held in the small, out of the way town of Cooksville, Tennessee. The media is reporting attendance for the get-together at 300.

But the petition that attendees signed had more than 500 names attached.

The media pulled a similar shrinking job on the meeting that Thompson held on Capitol Hill earlier this month with Republican members of Congress. Then, it reported numbers between 35 to 40, when the number was closer to 60.

If there is one downside to Thompson’s process to entering the presidential race, it is that he has limited opportunity to set the record straight on the inaccuracies being generated by the media and the left, if not other GOP presidential campaigns.

For example, the New Republic recently reported that Thompson was a “phony populist” for driving a red truck around the state during his ’94 Senate campaign. But it failed to report that he took to driving the truck after his own campaign managers had attempted to package him as a straight, conventional GOP candidate.

“The truck wasn’t about changing his image, it was about his getting back to who he really was,” says a source who worked for Thompson back in ’94. “It wasn’t spin, just Fred wanting to be Fred.”

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