PC Roundup – The Foolishness, Absurdities and Cultural Destruction of the Politically Correct

-By Warner Todd Huston

From time to time we all hear stories that reveals the stupidity of a dreaded PCism run amok. We hear the tales, shake our heads in disbelief and go about our day without taking much more notice of it afterward. It seems, as we hear of each case, that they are isolated stories, outrageous yes, but not interrelated. Perhaps, viewed as separate incidents, they really don’t mean much. Unfortunately, such incidents culminate to far more than merely incidental occasions.

Let’s just take a few incidents of the last week as examples to reveal the utterly vacuous nature of the Politically Correct, multiculturalism that has happened in both the US and England. The following are all examples of the kind of consequences of liberalism that damages society. We have one example that even ends up with the kind of unintended consequences that would horrify the very leftists who initiated the PCism in question.

From the silly…

At the Honley Church of England School, in Huddersfield, Great Britain, PCism has invaded the arts where a school production of Roald Dahl’s Three Little Pigs has gone from being populated by three little pigs to three little puppies. And why would that be? Because the school officials are afraid that the piggies just might “offend” the local Muslim population, of course.

Festival coordinator Gill Goodswen told the media, “We feared that some Muslim children wouldn’t sing along to the words about pigs,” she added. “We didn’t want to take that risk. If changing a few words avoids offence then we will do so.”

Curiously, she didn’t seem too upset if “offence” might be taken by those who liked the story just as it was, just as the artist intended it to be.

The foolishness of the claim of avoiding “offence” cannot be sustained when measured against reality. After all, by mollifying a group that didn’t even complain Goodswen has offended anyone who is interested in the integrity of an artist’s work. That, and in the best Stalinist style, history was revised more to the liking of the few.

To the absurd…

Kentucky is awash in horses. That may not be much news to those who know that the Blue Grass State has a long tradition of dealing in horseflesh, but the healthy trade in horses is not what is causing the current state of overabundance.

It is liberal PCism that is causing the glut and it is a glut that is killing the beasts.

Opposition from liberal groups to the slaughter of horses for meat markets overseas (and even for markets in Canada) has caused horse dealers in the United States to be stuck with thousands upon thousands of horses that they can neither sell, nor afford to feed and keep healthy. In fact, because there are so many horses on the market and the prices have fallen through the floor, the fortunes of many horse breeders is so bad that they cannot even afford to have unsold horses humanely put down by expensive veterinary services.

Because of activists roaming about the houses of legislation in the US urging people to stop the trade in horsemeat, many thousands of horses are fated to starve to death today. Owners are so economically damaged by this activism that horses are starving in their stables or being let go into the wild to fend for themselves, abandoned to roam about searching for whatever sustenance they can find.

The unintended consequence of “saving the horses” is now leading to the torture by starvation of thousands of them.

Some “compassion” these nuts end up having for the animals they claim to love, eh?

To incivility…

Professor Jessica Bryan, a teacher at North Idaho College, has defended saying “anyone who’s ever voted Republican” should be executed as she conducted her college classes. In retrospect to that and other uncivil rhetoric, the professor claims that since she said it “with a smile”, she should bear no consequences from insulting any student who would take offence at being told they should be murdered for their political beliefs.

One wonders how, exactly, this wild-eyed woman ignorant of the very basic rules of civilized behavior would react should someone tell her that she, as a leftist, should be lynched from the nearest tree limb?

Apparently this “professor” is unaware that one need not fear for one’s life over political beliefs in the USA, not merely by tradition, but by Constitutional law.

It would be bad enough that such a lunatic were roaming the streets without a doctor’s care, but this particular lunatic is being paid by public monies to teach our young people.

To the destruction of our families…

An 8th grade sex education teacher in a school of the Thornton, Illinois School District went to an Internet site and downloaded sexually explicit materials — called a “How-to” manual by angry parents — and required the children to read the age inappropriate materials out loud in class much to the embarrassment of some.

It is reported that the questions were so explicit that such materials would not even be allowable under FCC regulations for TV or radio broadcast.

Outraged parents are demanding that this 27 year-old male teacher be disciplined for this inappropriate incident.

Sex education has been a hot button issue for many decades, but few parents are wholly against the concept of the study. What people don’t want, however, is their children exposed to pornography. Scientific discussion — even those that causes sniggering among the students — is not necessarily outrageous to most parents, of course.

But why must sex education be treated with lasciviousness instead of presented with seriousness? Why must we expose our children to the kind of shock values endemic to activism? Why bring the important subject of human sexuality down to the lowest, guttural common denominator?

Is school the place to bring the level of culture down, or is it a place to encourage young minds to reach for higher levels of culture and scholarship? Is it a place for lowbrow, titillation or a place to encourage the young to value learning?

If left to the machinations of the left, our culture will be on an ever downwardly spiraling trajectory. What nation could long last the destruction of education and the downgrading of civilization by teaching its children that nothing is important, that nothing is serious and that mere titillation and shock value is something worth being included in a school’s lesson plan?

To the end of our civilization…

A sign that says, “English, no longer needed here” should be placed outside the Rochester City School District offices. But, if this were to be the case, what, then, is being utilized? German, French, or Spanish?


It’s “ebonics”, a mode of speaking that isn’t even a language in the first place, but is merely the lazy corruption of the language that has always been the main tongue of the country.

The Biblical story of the Tower of Babel comes to mind when contemplating how damaging to our society it would be should our schools indulge in the Balkanization that would result in allowing such slang to become a mode of teaching children, people that are already disadvantaged by class and circumstance.

The story goes that God changed the language of the inhabitants of Babel, all of whom could understand each other with a single language, into a “diversity” of languages so that they could no longer easily work toward a cohesive goal. This caused a break down of the society and forced the inhabitants to gather in Balkanized groups instilling distrust and fear among them.

Now, in a mindless celebration of “diversity” over substance, this school system in New York wishes to repeat the Biblical disaster with the efforts of the District’s “Chief of Diversity and Leadership”. Michele Hancock, who has been quoted as saying “We need to embrace the diversity they bring (with the slang terms) into our schools,” is doing her best to discourage the education of the English language.

Of course, it is as illegitimate and foolhardy to have a “Chief of Diversity and Leadership” as it is to eschew proper English in favor the usage of illiterate slang in our schools. Both should be opposed.

This unserious treatment of our children’s education undermines our very society and will result in further class warfare, making US citizens feel isolated and unconnected.

The kind of PCisms described here all tend to lower our culture to either a state of foolishness or to its outright destruction. So, next time you hear one of those stories, don’t just shake your head and then forget it. Get angry that your society is being destroyed little by little with each and every further instance of the stupidity of PCism and multiculturalism.

Warner Todd Huston’s thoughtful commentary, sometimes irreverent often historically based, is featured on many websites such as newsbusters.org, townhall.com, men’snewsdaily.com and americandaily.com among many, many others. Additionally, he has been a guest on several radio programs to discuss his opinion editorials and current events. He has also written for several history magazines and appears in the new book “Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture” which can be purchased on amazon.com. He is also the owner and operator of publiusforum.com. Feel free to contact him with any comments or questions : EMAIL Warner Todd Huston

3 thoughts on “PC Roundup – The Foolishness, Absurdities and Cultural Destruction of the Politically Correct”

  1. Please research the horse industry more. All the problems you mentioned concerning horses have existed for decades…along with the mutual existence of equine slaughter houses. There are no new problems. In fact, the USDA reports that the horse slaughter business is still going strong with over 1000 horses slaughtered during the week of March 5, 2007 with hundreds more being shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. How can thousands of horse be starving and abandoned while slaughter is still in existence? In my humble opinion, horse abuse exists because of the existence of slaughter plants. Thank you.

  2. Research into that article about Kentucky being swamped with horses shows that it is complete hogwash planted by those who are pocketing their blood money (paid political lobbiests) as a result of horse slaughter. Mr. Houston needs to stick to the cattle industry that sorely needs addressing instead of trying to continue to publish the garbage for the trash that he is supporting. Anybody who knows the truth knows that Kentucky has taken a proactive approach to this so-called “unwanted horse” theory and that these pro slaughter lobbiests and self proclaimed horse lovers but send them to slaughter activists and lobbiests want nothing more than to discredit anything that takes any interest in helping these animals. As for the OVER breeders.. they choose to be in that business and if all they are raising is meat animals instead of high quality animals that command a high price, then they’re in the wrong business. Anybody that knows anything about economics knows that it’s all about supply and demand. If the glut the market with a “product” then you expect the prices to go lower. The European/Asian market is eating horse meat (until something happens like BSE) and then the bottom will drop out and it’s not to feed the hungry.. it’s to feed the greedy gourmands with the money. Stop with all your nonsense Warner Todd Houston. Remember, it’s not the old, infirmed, crazy horses that end up in slaughter.. it’s the ones unlucky enough to end up in the hands of those like you… the young, healthy and fully useable. The rescues and all the other people who really do care are picking up the slack and doing a fine job cleaning up the mess that the pro slaughter faction has made. Support HR 503 & S 1315 to BAN horse slaughter in this country!! Contact your Congressperson and ask that they co-sponsor and support these bills.

  3. Warner Todd Huston’s statement on the silly horse issue.

    It seems I was taken in a bit with the unwanted horse story I used for my piece as it is coming to light that the story went a bit over the top in some of its particulars. But the many comments I got from wacky horse lovers via email make several mistakes concerning my own position and interests in the issue. It is time I cleared some of them up.

    #1-I have NO interest on either side of the unwanted horse issue, really. I am not involved in the fight of either side. My use of the story was to display the PCness of the issue, only, and by the curse word filled, badly spelled emails I got, it seems that I was quite on target that the people involved in this issue are completely out of their minds. I am not connected emotionally, monetarily OR economically with ether side, though. I am not a representative or lobbyist for either.

    #2-I also, however, have absolutely NO problem with breeding horses for food just like we do cows. I find the horse no more “special” a creature than ANY other animal. They aren’t any more “noble” and they aren’t in any way superior to a cow. I could NOT care less than I now do if they were slaughtered by the millions for the plates of hungry people anywhere.

    #3- While it seems some of the aspects of the story I quoted are misleading, I do know people in the west and south who are connected with the horse industry and THEY say that some aspects of the story I quoted are accurate. It may not be as out of control as the story had it, but the story is not completely false.

    So, for me the end of this situation is this: my only interests in the story was to show the foolish emotion that animal advocates invest in animals. Folks, an animal is below us. They ARE NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE. They are food. PERIOD.

    I am not an advocate of mistreating animals for pleasure, or a “hater” of animals, but they are NOT worth the efforts of humans to “love” so much that it becomes their life to the point where hate for their fellow man is developed over the issue. Man should be a good steward of the animal kingdom, yes. We should conserve them and treat them as best as we can, absolutely. We should sometimes even prosecute people who are abusers of animals. But, they animals here on earth for our use and we SHOULD use them.

    In any case, this unwanted horse issue is not my issue. I don’t have much interest in a continued dialog or investigation in it. If my piece furthered some untruths or myths on the unwanted horse issue, I do apologize. But I just don’t care enough about the issue to invest much more time in it than I have thus far.

    Thanks for your time.

    Warner Todd Huston

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