ACLU: Let Inciters of Hate Into USA

-By Warner Todd Huston

Leave it to the ACLU to advocate for the US government to allow hate spewing Imams to get a free pass to come into the country and incite their hatred.

ACLU: US Can’t Bar Terrorism Supporters

NEW YORK (AP) – A civil rights group asked a judge Friday to find it unconstitutional for the federal government to exclude a prominent Muslim scholar or anyone else from the United States on the grounds that they may have endorsed or espoused terrorism. The American Civil Liberties Union filed the papers attacking the policy in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

It is one thing to think long and hard about what government allows legal American citizens to say. It certainly goes to the core of freedom of speech that we shy from telling Americans that their brand of political speech is disallowed. That is why, for instance, the KKK is allowed to do their marches.

But, this is a different animal. These are hate spewing, foreigners the ACLU is advocating for. (So much for the word “American” in their name)

The Constitution, as the saying goes, is NOT a suicide pact, but here is the ACLU fighting for foreigner’s “rights” — I think they should drop the “A” for American since they want to suit up to fight for foreign terrorists — and trying to force the government to allow people into this country who’s chief goal is to destroy it.

Would you meekly open the door for a home invader who knocks and boldly announces his intentions to rob and kill you? Apparently the ACLU wants us to do just that.

Proof once again that the Communist origins of the ACLU, origins that set it on the road to undermine this country, never changed or faded.
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