-By Vince Johnson

The previous two issues appeared as ads The Mill City Independent Press, a small weekly in Oregon. One was paid for by Students Attending Public Schools in the USA (SAPS in the USA) and the other by Future Voters of America. (FVA) There was a slight uproar over this. Some folks thought such questions were more appropriately asked by “Saps Attending Public Schools in the USA” rather than the “Future Voters of America.” Those who preferred “SAPS in the USA,” said it was easier to recall and it also made sense based on various synonyms of “sap” as listed below:

  • Saps = Exhausts: “Wasteful spending exhausts ones savings.”
  • Saps = Runs down: “Congress always runs down common sense.”
  • Saps = Fools: “Only fools allow politicians to spend their money.”

Each ad asked the President and Congress to answer one question:

Ad #1. What are the ethics of borrowing $8.5 trillion dollars without the permission of those SAPS who will be substantially burdened by this debt as long as they live?

Ad #2. Why are over 3,000 young Americans losing their lives protecting the territorial integrity of the Iraq/Iran border while we are almost totally ignoring the integrity of the border between the USA and Mexico?

The acronym “SAPS in the USA” prevailed for another reason: Not all students attending public schools in the USA can truly be considered Future Voters of America. This is because only *72% of those who are eligible to vote, actually register. Of those who register, only *88% actually vote. (*Per US Census Bureau for 2004 Election.)

On the other hand, ALL students attending public (and private) schools in the USA will inherit a debt exceeding $8 trillion dollars and if they miss a tax payment, they could do some serious time in prison. This is a deal that only a true “sap” would accept without asking questions based on numbers like those listed below:

Population of US – 300,000,000+
Population over 18 – 216,000,000+ (72%)
Pre-school and SAPS in the USA 84,000,000+ (18%)
US National Debt (2/5/2007) $8,699,376,555,045
Share of National Debt per SAPS in the USA $28,998

Population of Mexico 107,000,000
National Debt (Mexico) $178,300,000,000
Share of National Debt per Student in Mexico $1,666

The above numbers create some serious questions, two of which were asked in Ads #1 and #2. (Neither has been responded to as of this writing.) In behalf of SAPS in the USA, two more questions are asked:

  • The share of National Debt per citizen in the USA is $28,998 and in Mexico, it is only $1,666! This means that all SAPS in the USA owe their government 17 times the amount that the SAPS in Mexico owe to their government. Why are American politicians less considerate of their future generations than Mexican politicians are of theirs?
  • If it not reasonable to expect the President, the Senate, and members of the House of Representatives answer questions from a lobbyists representing 84 million Pre-school and SAPS in the USA please explain.

All candidates for Congress or President of the United States of America should be willing to publicly answer these questions in a full-page ad placed in several major newspapers. If any candidate can’t afford to place their responding ad in the Wall Street Journal, or the USA Today, or the New York Times, or the Washington Post, they should go ahead and place it in The Reality Factor or the Mill City Independent Press where rates are very affordable.
Hurry up! All SAPS in the USA are waiting to hear from you.

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