CNN Hires Clinton Operative as 2008 Presidential Polling Unit

-By Warner Todd Huston

In a move that throws all claims of being fair and balanced out the window, CNN has hired a polling company owned by a long time activist for the Clintons as their newest polling organization to track the 2008 election cycle.

Any guesses who THIS polling company will say is “winning”?

CNN has announced that Opinion Research Corporation has been chosen to serve as their polling unit for the upcoming 2008 presidential race because of its “reputation for independent, objective analysis and its excellent reputation”.

Opinion Research Corporation, however, was recently acquired by InfoUSA a company controlled by one Vinod Gupta, a very active Clinton supporter (of Hillary as well as Bill).

Gupta is so enamored with the Clintons that back in his native land, India, he has built little monuments to his favorite American politicians in the form of the “Bill Clinton Science and Technology Center” and the “Hillary Rodham Clinton Mass Communication Center” for the Gochar Intermediate College, Rampur Maniharan, India.

The Gupta family are big contributors to the Clintons and have posted many photos of themselves with the Clintons on their website.

Here is one of them (with my notation to point out Mr. Gupta):

Naturally, the Guptas website has suddenly been removed. Imagine that, huh?

Still, a great post at got to some of the photos before the Guptas unceremoniously dumped the website.

Of course, the disappearance of their personal website begs the question of why was it removed? The Guptas obviously knew that their partisan activities might spell trouble for the credibility of their new polling company and that of CNN for having chosen that company to poll for the race in which Mrs. Rodham is ostensibly going to be a candidate.

So, now we have a partisan Clinton supporter responsible for telling CNN and the American public who is doing better than whom in the 2008 general election.

The MSMs partisanship just gets clearer every day, doesn’t it?

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