A WONDERFUL DEATH — And Still the NYT Doesn’t Get It

Resa LaRu “Warchick” Kirkland

There’s something about hope. No matter how bad things get, man still clings to the tiniest shred of faith that things can change. It is innate within all humanity, a truly glorious thing.

Unless it’s applied to Islammunism and its co-conspirator the New York Times. That is when hope is pointless and dangerous.

Something wonderful happened on December 30, 2006. It was the perfect way to end the year. They hung one of the most vile human beings to ever walk the planet, and that’s saying a lot given mankind’s wicked past. Yep, snapped his neck like a twig, which was tremendously merciful considering what that narcissistic SOB did to millions of innocent people. In the end, the victims gave mercy to he who had never shown any…ever.

NYT read like a combination of a leftist Hallmark card and a sandal-wearing communist professor shaking his bony finger at those who present facts that don’t agree with his drug induced, Leary-esque, Kumbyah krap. Not a single headline honoring the victims for whom justice was decades in coming. Not a single “Kudos” for the hard-won victory that brought him and his evil spawn to justice before both man and God. Not a moment of cheering Iraqis–who FAR outnumbered the few supporters who complain about missing the days of Sunni murder and rape, and to whom NYT gave coverage overkill–not a moment of “Ding Dong, Saddam is Gone.” No job well done, no justice prevailed, no thank you, no resting in peace…at least not for those who did the job well, let justice reign, were grateful to bring down a despot, and who are ready for some well-earned rest.

Saddam’s was a wonderful death in every possible meaning of the phrase. And the NYT chose the side–again–of an evil man who got better than he gave…or deserved.

Makes you wonder what Saddam had on the NYT, doesn’t it? Given their constant collusion with all things evil and Islammunist, it’s not really a stretch to consider.

Pity from the pathetic John Burns: Yet there was a moment when I pitied him, and it came back to me after the nine Iraqi appeal judges upheld the death sentence against Saddam last week, setting off the countdown to his execution. As I write this, flying hurriedly back to Baghdad from an interrupted Christmas break, Saddam makes his own trip to the gallows with an indecent haste…

An indecent haste. Well boo-freakin’-hoo, John. Justice claimed its own–that’s about as decent as it gets.

And just in case his love letter to evil doesn’t state it clearly enough, Burns also gave us this little slice of deviancy: But the more general mood, even among Shiites, was one of subdued reflection, as if millions of Iraqis had exhausted their emotional and psychological reserves during the long years of violence.

Mr. Burns, I know you’re suffering from a bad case of leftist autism, but exactly what Iraq were YOU watching? It was about as subdued as Brittany Spears at a Chippendale’s. Again we see the dark hand of NYT: if it isn’t the truth, write as if it is anyway.

Trying to be more gutless and kowtowing, Sabrina Tavernise gave us this deviant morsel: As vicious as he was, Mr. Hussein also held the country firmly together. Beyond military control, there was a subtle social glue: Iraqis of all sects loved to hate Saddam together. Now that he is gone, Shiites are afraid to joke with Sunnis about him, and Sunnis feel they are being blamed for his crimes.

Unbe-freakin-lievable. That “social glue” this waste of space speaks of was actually the sticky red blood of men, women, and children. Yeah, that’s MUCH better.
But it was the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR section that took the cake, loading it with more crap than a NYT cubicle.

From Mary Holbrow: And even assuming that Saddam Hussein was guilty of the crimes laid at his door, the cost of putting him to death is unacceptably high, since it adds to our sorry image in the Middle East as violent, self-serving intruders.

Mary, you’re the reason I never wanted daughters. Vile.
From Priscilla Dizon: I feel for the young people who saw such images in their fresh and untainted minds. This execution by hanging reminiscent of the Middle Ages is not helping them consider other kinds of punishment.

Not one word about all the “young people” he murdered with a gas that is eerily similar to your last name. Beyond pathetic, Priscilla.
Since the above examples of Politically Castrated Eunuchs are hauntingly retarded, I’ll tell you exactly what Hussein’s execution accomplished. It stopped one evil mass murderer from EVER again raping, torturing, stealing, destroying, invading, threatening, colluding, killing, warmongering and genociding. He will never again be able to hurt a single human being…not one more human being.

THAT is why this was a wonderful death–because it means life for so very many others. 1938 all over again? You bet your boots it is, but with one deadly twist. This time, the American left is cheering for the bad guy, and NYT is writing the score. Ain’t it a crying shame they couldn’t have been there for Hitler too? After all, it was America’s fault he killed himself, wasn’t it? All that relentless, mean bombing! They could have gone boo-hooing over to Germany, negotiating for years while Hitler rebuilt his war machine and finished his bomb. I’m sure he would have welcomed them with open concentration camps and a job manning the ovens. And given their reputation, they would have been only too happy to do their jobs well.

Hang your heads in shame, NYT. You just don’t matter.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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