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Developers Conspire To Confiscate Property From New Orleans Residents
– By Frederick Meekins

As usual, the mantra of tyranny in this instance is “sustainability” and “isolation”.

As I figured, the poor souls that have lost everything in the Katrina tragedy will now have what little remains taken away for the sake of the elites.

There are plans to finagle away property at only 60% of its actual value, but even if 100 times the market value was offered, that is not the point.

If one really wants to lay the foundation of a new New Orleans, why not raize Bourbon Street notorious for its debauchery and devil worship.

So what if those that want to move back are isolated? It is their property.

One person to be commended shouted out at a hearing, “I’m ready to rebuild, and I’m not letting you take mine. I’m going to fight, whatever it takes, to rebuild my property. It’s going to be baby Iraq for Joe Canizaro.”

Seems this next battle of New Orleans could be the shot heard round the world in the ongoing war for the property rights of all Americans.

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