For Small Government Advocates…

Size Matters : How Big Government Puts the Squeeze on America’s Families, Finances, and Freedom (Hardcover)

Your right to pursue happiness has been revoked by Big Government.

Thousands of pages of regulations, millions of employees, and trillions of tax dollars … Big Government is bigger than ever, and as this bloated behemoth continues to fatten up and stretch out, it squeezes America’s entrepreneurs, workers, and families – cutting our choices, limiting our opportunities, and squelching our right to pursue happiness.

Every year, taxes increase, regulations pile higher, the cost of living goes up – and our quality of life suffers. So with everyone obsessing about the obesity problem in America, isn’t it time we looked at the fat, flabby, overstretched, and overbloated behemoth that is American government?

Size Matters shows through facts, figures, and head-spinning stories that as government increases in quantity, we all suffer a loss in life quality. Miller reveals the damning details of Big Government’s impact on the lives of ordinary Americans. How it …

reduces family income
drives up the cost of housing, healthcare, and most every other consumer product or service
hurts employment
misdirects entrepreneurial efforts
stifles vital marketplace creativity and innovation

Bristling with drama and data, Size Matters reveals the real daily drawbacks of Big Government. It comes down to this …
Not to be a shill for a book sale, but this one looks like it holds the kind of info that can help back up every small government Conservative who wants to show real reasons to reduce the size of government.


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