New Features!!

Burning the midnight oil here, folks!

We have added several new features for your convenience to make your visit to Publius’ Forum even better than sliced bread. Better than sex. Even better than an approving nod from your favorite computer peripheral salesman! (Was that over kill?)

If you’ll look to your left you will see that we have added a subscription service from You can use this free service to receive email updates when Publius’ Forum is updated with new content.

This service is free and is also something YOU have to sign up for. It is not invasive and will not implant spywear into your system if you sign up.

But, if you’d like updates about the goings on here at Publius’ Forum, then this is the thing for you!


We have also added a search bar from for those who would like to search this site using keywords.

If you remember something that was said or would like to search for a subject, just use this search bar to find things on our site.

We will continue to search for ways to make you visit fun, easy and informative as time rolls on.

Be SURE to keep your eye on Publius’ Forum as we will have many announcements of exciting things to come. We have a few things in the works that we cannot disclose as of yet, but they will be quite interesting, to say the least.

And as always, thanks for making Publius’ Forum a part of you daily search for the best commentary on today’s most important issues.

Yours, Warner Todd Huston,
Proprietor, Publius’ Forum

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