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Democrat Dangerous Duplicity on Display
– By Chuck Busch

In their eagerness to inflict as much damage as possible to the Bush administration record, the Democrats once again are being reckless with the truth and with national security. Critics of President Bush’s efforts to keep America safe and to defeat our enemies have seized upon a New York Times report about the NSA conducting warrantless wiretaps on terrorist suspects to lambaste the Commander-in-Chief for abusing civil rights and exceeding his authority.

Several have accused him of not consulting Congress when in fact; the president met with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee initially and has discussed the program with congress at least 12 times.

Some claim that this is an unprecedented use of warrantless searches, but since the passing of FISA in 1978, Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Clinton have all justified using these security measures. Where were the civil liberty watchdogs back then? ………..
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