Chimp’s Painting Fools “Art Experts”

A GERMAN art expert was fooled into believing a painting done by a chimpanzee was the work of a master.

The director of the State Art Museum of Moritzburg in Saxony-Anhalt, Katja Schneider, suggested the painting was by the Guggenheim Prize-winning artist Ernst Wilhelm Nay.

“It looks like an Ernst Wilhelm Nay. He was famous for using such blotches of colour,” Dr Schneider confidently asserted.

The canvas was actually the work of Banghi, a 31-year-old female chimp at the local zoo.

While Banghi likes to paint, she is not able to build up much of a body of work as her mate Satscho generally destroys her paintings before they can get to the gallery.

But this one survived long enough to give Dr Schneider a red face.

“I did think it looked a bit rushed,” she told Bild newspaper.,au


So an “expert” couldn’t tell the difference between real “art” and the mindless scrawling of a CHIMP!? If THIS doesn’t prove that post modern anti-art has reigned supreme for far too long… what does?

Liberals and leftists have so perverted the art world that just ANYTHING qualifies as “art”. We don’t need skill, we have no use for craft, we couldn’t care LESS about ability. We just need a kitschy claim that it is “art” to qualify.

And here I thought the ultimate statement that art is dead came when Andy Warhol got HIS 15 minutes. Andy, you old queen, you have been upstaged by a CHIMPANZIE!

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