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Bubba’s Iceberg (Algore and Liberal Hatred of America)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Russia has done it again. They have sold 29 anti-aircraft systems to Iran. In their usual display of trustworthiness and kindness to America they have cited a secret agreement with Algore as the reason this was acceptable. I sure would like to see all of the other secret agreements these people made. I still wonder if the decision made by the last administration to force the F-117 to fly in the exact same path every time they went into Yugoslavia wasn’t a secret agreement. That was the reason we lost one of those jets, by the way. There was also that little problem with the enemy seeming to know what we were going to be doing all of the time. Things like that tend to make a sensible person suspect an administration that is in power and making all of the military decisions behind closed doors.

The last administration held a view that the world would be a safer place if everyone were equal. That helps to explain the missing data at Los Alamos that mysteriously appeared in a place where everyone had looked for it a hundred times. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The launch codes were taken from the sub commanders during the last administration. One of the most frightening things to an adversary is not knowing where your enemies are and that is the reason submarines are so much fun. If you don’t believe me ask the Chinese and Russians. They are removing most of their land-based weapons systems in favor of submarines. This is why the Russians are helping the Chinese with a new weapon system that is designed to sneak in under any ABM system we might develop……………
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