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This Grisly Horde
– By David Tatosian

Recently, three Christian girls were beheaded in Indonesia while our President and Secretary of State reaffirmed Islam is a “religion of peace”. As this grisly horde perpetrates new horrors, our president continues to kiss the Saudi hand that would slaughter us. Every day we are subjected to the vile machinations of Grover Norquist, CAIR and elected officials who demand we accept the bespattered malignancy of Islam as religion.

Perhaps in Ari Fleischer’s “Bush Country”, that parallel universe of knee-jerk republicans and deluded, dissimilarly prefixed conservatives, Islam IS a religion of peace.

(Of course there are a number of ill-conceived strategies and edicts spawned in “Bush Country” that make life very unpleasant for rank and file Americans forced to live with those grandiosities).

That our President refers to a depraved ideology as a “religion of peace” is folly, or something more sinister………..
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