Our Newest Op Ed

The Amazon.Com Conspiracy
– By Warner Todd Huston

I am an Op Ed writer. This being true we know that my ego far outpaces my place in the great, wide world. I am also an Op Ed writer whose work appears mostly on the internet. That means that it is widely assumed that I am an egoist on the edge of sanity. That I am now sitting at my computer, in my underwear, in a room empty of furniture other than the desk upon which my computer sits, and swinging over my head is one lone light-bulb illuminating the cramped room. I must be in the basement, too.

But, being an egoist I am constantly on the lookout for more ways to get my hackneyed opinions disseminated worldwide. Having common cause with other egoists throughout time and interested in their paths to stardom, infamy, and notoriety I have had occasion to notice that the one sure way to become a thorn in the side of any casual reader (not to mention other writers and their publishers) is to write a book review. Some of man’s most famous literati were book reviewers.

Now, we have the investigative portion of this little odyssey, the search for a book review outlet. As mentioned, we are in an electronic age. The fall of the Newspaper is imminent with circulation numbers falling faster than Paris Hilton’s fashionable blue jeans at a rave party. So, where might I find such an outlet? The answer is obvious for any well-traveled netrat who has spent even the shortest amount of time running the back alleys and byways of the great information super-highway.


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