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Chicken-hawk talk is UnAmerican – Murtha’s Astonishing Lack of Knowledge
– By Warner Todd Huston

On November 17th, Representative John Murtha (D, PA) called for the USA to prove that Osamma bin Laden is right with his contention that Americans are cowards. He proposed that the US immediately pull its troops from Iraq.

Shocking as it may seem, Murtha was not only in the US military himself, but he served during the Vietnam War. Earning a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts in Vietnam, you’d think he would know better than to propose that we turn tail and run from battle today. Especially when, after having done so in 1975 at the end of our involvement in Vietnam, so many millions of the Vietnamese people were slaughtered with even more imprisoned by the Communists we left unopposed. And it happened just as anti-Communists here then warned, just as Conservatives warn that a pull out of Iraq would doom many to unnecessary death today. It is one of the few true parallels between Vietnam and Iraq.

Apparently, however, Murtha is not very well informed about history, even that through which he lived……….

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