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Bush is Back
– By Christian Hartsock

Well I was going to open this column by stating that the president we voted for one year ago to this month was not the same president who was inaugurated in January. A recent stir in events however, has led to me to feel otherwise.

Before last November, the no-B.S. American response to 9/11, the successful toppling of Saddam, the sight and sound of seizure-ridden liberals screaming “Fascism!”, “Imperialism!” and “Halliburton!”, and Zell Miller’s fiercely powerful speech at the Republican National Convention all instilled in me an optimism that President Bush would win, and that the fight would be worth it.

Then came his inauguration speech in which Bush appropriately used the term “freedom” about as frequently as Dustin Hoffman used the term “definitely” in Rain Man. It was an inspiring speech, but everything went downhill from there ………..
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