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Blind Sight (Perspectives and Their Consequences)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Millionaires and the poor have one thing in common and it quite simply is the ability to repeat their results with alarming regularity. In Mexico they have had several land reforms wherein they took from the rich and gave to the poor. Each and every time they did this within a few generations the same families were right back to being haves and have-nots. If one looks at any millionaire these days, and even in the past, one can see that most of them went from rags to riches and back to rags a few times before they managed to keep it and stay on top. Look at the usual winner of any lotto and you’ll see the same thing. They had nothing and in a matter of a few years they once again had nothing and were soon in worse shape than they had been in the first place. This is because our perspectives on life have consequences. There is a ‘poor’ way of thinking, a ‘rich’ way of thinking and a ‘middle-class’ way of thinking.

There have been several incidents lately that the liberal media won’t touch. I guess I should say the mainstream liberal media. I guess the evil bloggers will have to drive these stories into the mainstream so we can all have a rational discussion. That seems to be the way things get done these days. One incident is the Maryland elections for Lt. Governor. Michael Steele is running for that office and the black Democratic leaders in that state have justified the racially driven smears against him. They see a major problem with him: He isn’t a liberal. They yelled ‘Uncle Tom’ and threw Oreos at him. One blogger from the left painted nice big red lips and frosty white eyebrows on him. They say his views are anti-black. In North Carolina there was an instructor for the N.C. State’s Africana Program who said that white people are the problem and they need to be exterminated from the face of the Earth. His name is Kamao Kambon. He said a lot of other things that if a white person said them about any minority they would have been demonized and dragged through the streets. There is one school teacher I saw in the news lately that is suing her school district because when she tried to actually do something about a student she had who was threatening her sexually and with other forms of violence she was fired. She was told that his cursing at her in class and acting the way he does is just ‘part of their culture’. I hope she takes these people to the cleaners and gets everyone of them fired …………..
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