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Makes You Almost Think Some Women Get What They Deserve
– By Frederick Meekins

Despite nearly being killed by her boyfriend, country singer Mindy McCready insists she still loves the scumbag.

This misguided sentiment runs so deep that she became with child well after the incident of abuse. She insists this was unintentional, of course.

This must mean she became pregnant after eating a watermelon seed or something was in the water because one does not become impregnated unexpectedly unless she wants to file charges of rape. Or perhaps, her man is so oozing with testosterone that, besides his bestial rages, he can have the impact in question from clear across a room without even touching a woman.

Since she is not bound by matrimony to this human detritus, there is nothing keeping her in this situation. Given her fame and fortune, she is perfectly free to leave whenever she wants; and given her celebrity status, it is well within the scope of her resources to acquire someone else slightly used like herself with a more amicable disposition. It’s not like she is dependent upon him as her only means of support…….
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