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Student Porn – Inmates Running the Asylum at UC San Diego
– By Warner Todd Huston

Conservatives are often heard to bemoan the state of our American culture. They worry that our societal mores have so degenerated that they appeal only to the lowest common denominator and that we are somehow losing our way. With stories like the one I am about to relate, it’s hard to dismiss this as the ranting of people who are sticks in the mud, or a bunch of old fogies that just refuse to come into “modern” times.

At UC San Diego, the student run TV station has been broadcasting a porn show produced and starring one of it’s students that has caused a bit of a ruckus there.

Unfortunately, this aforementioned ruckus isn’t being raised among the University administrators, but the students themselves – though that is both good and bad. Apparently, the administration has decided to stay out of the controversy. This is what causes me to wonder if the inmates have been handed the keys to the asylum?……….

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