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Ryno, respect, the Cubs and two-way streets
– By Michael M. Bates

Ryne Sandberg’s speech on his induction into the Hall of Fame was terrific. The former Chicago Cub talked about respect. The words came straight from the heart. Sadly, not everyone shares his respect for the game or the men who play it or the fans who watch it.

A few fans may quibble about whether he actually belongs in the Hall of Fame, but the fact remains that he is. And compared to some of the other men in the HOF, he’s a darn fine role model.

Sandberg was on target when he spoke of baseball’s unnamed hotdogs who never tire of looking for TV cameras to wave at. There’s speculation that one of those to whom he was referring is former Cub Sammy Sosa.

Sammy always has had a lot of respect – for himself. You’ll recall his rage when the fans turned on him and started booing as whatever performance-enhancing drugs he took wore off. Many had stood by him during his corked bat embarrassment, but striking out with runners in scoring position could not be ignored……………….
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