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Restore the Constitutionality of Judicial Nominations

Senator George Voinovich (R-Ohio)
Senator Michael DeWine (R-Ohio)

As you know Democrats in the senate have chosen to block the appointment of one third of President Bush’s judicial nominees through unprecedented abuse of the filibuster tactic. It would appear that the minority motive in doing so has more to do with liberals striving to exert their total influence over the process than the actual qualifications of the candidates. Having failed to capture the presidency in the last two elections in addition to the steady erosion of seats in both the House and the Senate, the Democrat party is now desperate to maintain some control over in policy formulation regardless of how unpopular their theories might be with the voting public.

Defeated presidential candidate Al Gore before a MoveonPAC.org audience made the wild assertion that the Republican aim is to impose “absolute power” over the country. Perhaps someone should remind Al Gore that the Republican Party derives its power and majority status from the people who voted for their policies. The party in majority is the will of the people. In democratic societies the situation has always been “rule by majority, rights of majority.” The only way a minority can ever rule is through tyranny, the record of which has been the continual story of totalitarian disasters through history.

The Democrats should stop their obstructionist strategies such as threatening to shut down the government and concentrate on reforming their own policy positions so as to challenge the Republican Party on how best to protect and prosper the United States. In a survey by Rasmussen Reports, 57% percent of the public is in favor of changing Senate rules to insure a vote on every nominee. It is disturbing that the Democrat leadership should go to such extremes to reject the clear intent of the Constitution and the will of the American people. Should Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist be compelled to invoke constitutional measures to bring closure and call for an up or down vote on the candidate, I certainly hope that you be totally supportive this decision to restore the constitutional process in confirming judicial candidates.

by Chuck Busch

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