Our Newest op Ed- By R.A.Hawkins

The Dragon Stirs (Diverting the Worlds Attention)
– By R.A. Hawkins

The recent spate of ‘state approved’ protests in China has been well received by our liberal media. They are doing what they usually do, taking what has been handed to them rather than look into the issues at hand. I often wonder if they are really liberal or simply lazy. Not that there would be a noticeable difference. The affect would be the same. (Inadequate reporting and stupid assumptions.) But the protests are definitely aimed at getting the liberal American media on their side. I doubt China will be disappointed by the media in this country. Our media reported on the money that Haley Barbour got in trouble over, but they sort of kept quiet about the money that got the dems in trouble. Now that it appears that the wife of their man in the White House (As the Chinese called Bill Clinton) is getting ready to make a run we are hearing a lot about Delay and his money problems. Delay should have been suspicious when the name of the company that handled the travel arrangements that got him in trouble was Chelsea something. But we all know it is one standard for ‘them’ and one standard for us conservatives. It is no wonder that the Chinese would expect our media to cover for the Chinese internal problems or shall I say the dragons’ indigestion? ………..
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