Our Newest op Ed- by Warner Todd Huston

1/2 Of Practicing Jews Voted Bush In ’04
– By Warner Todd Huston

Quite a claim in that title, isn’t it? Anyone who is interested in voting trends and tendencies in the United States electorate is well aware that Jewish Americans usually vote far more often for the Democratic candidate in our presidential elections than they do the Republican. However, a recent survey on Jewish voters in the 2004 election relayed the startling fact that half of American Jews who attend Temple regularly voted for George W. Bush.

This is survey was not made by a Republican either, by the way. The man reporting this finding is Democratic candidate John Kerry’s pollster, Mark Mellman who, according to a recent L.A.Times article, reported his study results conducted during the 2004 campaign’s final month.

Mellman’s study found that Americans of all stripes who attended religious services regularly tended to vote Republican far more often than they voted Democratic. His findings among Jewish voters was not as lopsided as that among Christian voters but still the Jewish vote was split down the middle between GOP and Democrat voters. That split is still an amazing new trend in the Jewish community. In fact, George Bush made advances in every Jewish voter category to one degree or another……………
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