Our Newest Op Ed- By Warner Todd Huston

French Arms to China Must not Divide Europe and U.S.?
– By Warner Todd Huston

So said the French ambassador to the U.S., Jean-David Levitte, in a recent speech at Yale University. Well, then. I am glad that was settled, aren’t you? Heck, why should the we in the U.S.A. get all uptight about Europe wishing to sell China, our greatest enemy (so proclaimed by them), all the arms the Europeans can dump on them? What IS all the fuss about, anyway?

It certainly is difficult to imagine what the French think will happen once the current European ban of selling high tech arms and arms systems components to the Chinese is lifted. One presumes that they imagine that nothing “bad” will happen. But one cannot shake the feeling that they secretly hope that such sales will be their best avenue to their much ballyhooed goal of “counter balancing American hegemony” that they have so dearly wished for these recent decades. Then again, maybe that hope isn’t so secret after all…………..
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