Our Newest Op Ed-By Warner Todd Huston

Andrew Sullivan, Throwing in the Towel?
– By Warner Todd Huston

Andrew Sullivan thinks that the Republicans are already doomed to defeat. He thinks that the Party and movement are fractured beyond mending, apparently. But what Sullivan wrote about is the same kind of backbiting and infighting that every party has and he mistakes that for irreparable fissures. “Beneath the surface, however, American conservatism is in increasing trouble”, he ominously warns. But, when, exactly, was American conservatism wholly consolidated to the point of monolithic totality? Has Sullivan never heard the term “Big Tent”?

Granted, there is a big difference between conservatives and liberals that more often leads conservatives to the loser’s circle. Conservatives will often torpedo themselves over principle. Since the left really has no principle but winning, they band together a tad easier and they are seemingly more able to subsume any principle for a win. So, Sullivan has a small point for worry over the future of the conservative movement.

But what Sullivan is not taking into account is the wide coalition of everyday Americans that are leaning more and more Republican who will be able to see past the far right ideologues (as they already have the far left). These folks will keep following their internet info sources, their talk radio and Fox news sources and stay the line if the politicos don’t fall totally apart on them………….
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