Our Newest Op Ed- By John T. Plecnik

After Fundraising Scandal, College Republicans Brace for Contested Election
– By John T. Plecnik

Regardless of age, we have all heard the phrase, “First Amendment Rights,” bandied about. Free speech has been the rallying cry of the liberal elite since the 60s, and every time violent protesters are beaten back by police or cordoned off from a rally, the ACLU comes a calling. However, the same team of trial lawyers, rebel billionaires and Deaniacs turn a blind eye toward the abuses of their academic brethren. America’s colleges and universities are anything but free speech zones. Contrary to their mantra of universal tolerance, Stalinist professors and administrators see intellectual diversity as a disease. Unpopular viewpoints, like a belief in absolute truth or the Republican Party, are actively discouraged ………
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