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Dhimmi Wits (Both Here and There)
– By R.A. Hawkins

I never was clear about whether the Italians paid the ransom for the two Italians (Simona Pari And Simona Torretta) or if that was a bunch of hype. In all actuality it doesn’t matter whether it really happened or not. The perception is that it did happen and because it is believed in that region that the Italians did pay, we now have another female Italian hostage. Some claimed that this made the Italians dhimmi, or protected. It did the exact opposite. It showed the various nutcases and criminals that crime does pay and quite handsomely too. You of course have to violate the tenets of Islam and go and pick on women, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem to these people. They are just like Zarqawi. Before he decided to hang his turbine next to Osama’s he was just a common criminal. He has found a way to do what he likes to do and claim he has a cause for doing it. That is always the case for any insurgency though. It always invites some of the absolute worst people into its fold………
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