Nwest Op Ed – Hans Zeiger

Students vs. Professors
– By Hans Zeiger

“Marxism is dying globally,” writes columnist and recent UCLA graduate Ben Shapiro. “But it’s alive and kicking at America’s universities.” Shapiro’s list of communist courses, texts, and activities in American higher education spans a chapter in his new book “Brainwashed: How America’s Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth”.

Students can minor in Marxist Studies at University of California Riverside. A class in “Marxist Literary Theory” is offered at Rutgers University. There is “Black Marxism” at University of California Santa Barbara, and “Taking Marx Seriously” at Amherst College. “Engaging Cuba: Uncommon Approaches to the Common Good” is a course at the Evergreen State College that glorifies Castro’s Cuba for its successes in education, health care, and agricultural production. These courses are more than partial to communist theory – they are actually like Red propaganda sessions. Capitalism – along with its accompanying institutions – is roundly portrayed as the source of all greed, inequality, and evil in general. ………
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