Is Anybody Else NOT Surprised That NASA Making an Announcement Days after Defunding?

-By Cernan Cabriesy

Plagued by decades of technical, funding, over budget, and PR problems, NASA is planning to make a major announcement today, Wednesday February 22nd. Rumor has it they found aliens on other planets.

That is, of course, bunk.

NASA never fully recovered after the Apollo program. To be fair, it hasn’t always been NASA’s fault. The agency is constantly the victim of politics.Yet they managed to struggle their way through the shuttle program, the International Space Station, and many different science projects including telescopes, and probes – every one of them costing millions more than budgeted due to technical errors, and accidents.

Currently the Juno probe is having engine trouble and is indefinitely stuck in orbit around Jupiter and their heavy-lift rocket motor is plagued with problems,

Worse yet, the agency has become another tentacle in the Democrat agenda in attempts to make the case of global warming.

But there may be a ray of sunshine in all this darkness. Congress just voted to defund NASA’s Global Warming budget. The purpose of this is to redirect funds back toward human exploration of space. It will be interesting to see if this announcement is the last gasp of dying liberal ideas or if this is truly a refocus on the types of missions that made us applaud NASA’s endeavors.

The sooner the agency is divorced from Liberal politics and returns to its primary mission, the better.

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