Today All True Americans Are Left Without a Party

-By Warner Todd Huston

If you are a true, constitutionally minded American, you really are left without a party or even a faction. It really is that simple.

Now, before I get rolling on this, I am not a Trump supporter — I wanted Cruz. On the other hand I am also not a #NeverTrumper, either — Because, well, Hillary. But today’s nomination of Donald Trump is both in keeping with our system and evidence that the system has been damaged, perhaps irreparably.

Also, the whole destruction of America began with the Democrat Party, it is certain. However, the Democrats didn’t act alone and contrary to popular belief the GOP has NOT been the stalwart, true-blue Americans standing athwart the Democrats’ path and yelling “this but no farther.”

Let’s face it, the GOP hasn’t been a real opposition party since maybe before Robert “Mr. Republican” Taft walked the halls of the capital. At the very least since Eisenhower the GOP has been the junior partner to the Democrat Party supporting the exact same ideals but only at a slower, more orderly gait.

It is well known that many purported conservatives — especially those of the intellegencia and the so-called neocon bent — feel that the welfare state is permanent, over spending is forever, and big government cannot, and maybe should not, be turned back because they feel it is all a settled question and as Republicans all we can do is slow the wheels a little bit and make sure the march to socialism isn’t as tumultuous as the Democrats want it to be.

So, the Republican Party and its intellegencia have abandoned the American way, granted they’ve done so far later than the Democrats who abandoned the American way at the end of the 1800s when socialism and then communism was the great new thing that was to save the world and perfect the human animal.

Flash forward to Donald Trump as he catapults into the GOP nomination for president.

There is no doubt at all that he won the position fair and square. He got millions more votes than the last GOP nominee and easily garnered all the delegates needed to take the nomination without breaking a sweat.

And yet… what were the purported “conservatives” doing? They were attempting to make sure the will of the voters was defeated and their personal, handpicked guy was inserted into Trump’s place. Isn’t this just what “conservatives” have been whining that the GOP has been doing to them since forever — ignoring “the people” and constantly working to engineer their moderate, quasi socialist GOP agenda?

How do these “conservatives” explain their actions? It’s their “principles,” they tell us.

Yeah. Principals. These principles have been their security blanket as they’ve sat in their ivory towers pontificating about their vaunted ideals all the while ignoring local, retail politics — because it dirties their principles, you see — and as they’ve sat idly by allowing left wingers to completely take over not just our political system but all our schools where each next generation is taught about our American system.

Conservatives have essentially given up the game in order to sit in the grandstands so they can yell “boo” at every play.

Hey, “conservatives”… it’s nice that you can sit in your towers and inveigh against Obama/Hillary/Trump every day, but you have placed yourselves at arms length from the rest of America and that makes you just as responsible for building the platform Obama and his ilk used to ruin the nation.

You folks are all hat and no cattle, as the old saying goes.

Yet Trump’s voters are no panacea on fixing America, either. After all, they’ve succumbed to a snake oil sales pitch by a man who truly has no principles at all – though at least he isn’t directly anti-American like all Democrats are. Many Trump voters have such confused ideas about what America is and how it should work that they certainly can’t be trusted to determine what is right for the country. But can we fully blame them? After all, for their whole lives they’ve been taught by the anti-American left who has if not poisoned the pool of what Americanism is, at least taught these voters so badly that many just don’t fully grasp what the truth even is.

Sadly, the pool of blame is wide and deep.

“Conservatives” are failures because they think their “principles” are a shield to keep their dainty feet out of the mud of retail politics which is just as bad as being directly involved in tearing the country down.

The Republican Party is a failure because it has essentially joined the Democrat Party as junior member of the engine geared to turn the nation socialist.

Liberals and Democrats are failures because they abandoned American ideals over 120 years ago and instead decided to build the machine geared to replace Americanism with socialist ideals.

So, as a man who reveres the Constitution, I stand here without a party and nearly without a nation. And if you care about the Constitution, you do too.

And there you have it. It will take a major revival of Americanism to reverse this mess even if it is possible to do so… and I am not certain it is.

In the end, not enough Americans are asking, “what would the founders do.” It’s about time we again started to do so.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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